Columbus Variants

V:TES Sealed Deck League

Are you tired of losing to jerk card lords with huge collections that date
back to 1994?  Are you up for the challenge of limited V:TES/Jyhad play?
Are you good at making something out of nothing?  Then this V:TES sealed
deck league is for you.

Set Up

Each player must supply one sealed pre-constructed deck from either Sabbat
War, Final Nights, or Camarilla Edition, and three booster packs from either
Sabbat War, Final Nights, or Camarilla Edition. A combination of boosters
from those sets is allowed.  When players enter the league their packs will
be handed in to the event coordinator to have them be checked, opened, and
recorded.  Once recorded, players will use these cards to build decks for
use in this league.  Week to week players may adjust their decks by using
their cards entered into this event.  Severe penalties will be issued to
players found using cards that are not registered to them for this league.


Players may make one trade with each other player in the league.  These
trades must be one card for one card and will be supervised and recorded be
the event coordinator.


One night a week for two months, one game each night.  
These games will start promptly at 7:15pm Seating
will be placed randomly. Each table will have 3-5 players seated.
Play will follow all official V:EKN tournament rules, except that tables of
three players will be used if necessary, and that there will not be a time
limit on these league games.


After every game, results will be recorded with the event coordinator. After
eight weeks a final game will be held.  This final round will include the 
top five players from the previous weeks of league play.
The "top five players" will be determined by (in descending order of
importance): most cumulative game wins, most cumulative victory points,
highest roll of a die.  Prizes of low financial value will be awarded.
Players who miss the first session may join into the league at anytime, but
should be aware that their chances of making the final will be
diminished because of a late entry.  Trades are allowed to and from the new

The creator of this league variant is the V:EKN Prince of Columbus, Jay Kristoff.

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