V:EKN Columbus, Ohio

This page includes a brief introduction to V:TES in Columbus, Ohio. Columbus, Ohio is the home of the Origins Convention that attracts many V:TES players each summer.

The V:TES players in Columbus regularly play on Wednesday nights at the Guardtower starting at 7:00pm. The Guardtower is located at 3600 Trabue Road, Columbus, OH 43204. You can contact them for directions here: 614-488-4311.

There are quite a few tournaments scheduled for Columbus. There will be a bunch at the Origins Convention, and quite a few through the rest of the year. The currently scheduled tournaments are here.

Origins 2011 happens June 22th to June 26th 2011 and will be host to the North American Continental Championship.

Jay Kristoff is the V:EKN Prince of Columbus, Ohio. Some of his favorite decks are captured here. Jay was interviewed about V:TES, and his answers are here.

V:EKN Columbus' favorite V:TES links are here.

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