Deck Name:Jay's weenie Auspex
Created By:Jay Kristoff
Description:Tournament Winning Deck by Jay Kristoff Crusade: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania December 14, 2002 10 players On 12/14/2002 Ira Fay hosted Crusade: Pittsburgh. Ten methusulaths participated (Twice the number of participants in Ira's June 2001 tournament). Most of the players were locals, with travelers John and Tom Mickle (from central PA), and myself (Jay from Columbus OH). After two rounds and a final, my weenie Auspex deck came out on top. If anyone who was there wants to recap some of the events of the day; please do. For now I'll just post the deck. This deck is based on Jason Dawson's (of Seattle) weenie Auspex deck. It has been Jay-ified, however. This deck won a four player tournament in Lansing MI in late October of 2002. I waited to post it until it won at a larger (10 player) event :) The Sniper Rifles are great against close combat. I oust people with a hoard of one bleeds or with Fame/Sniper Riffle. I can afford Club Zombie because my vamps are cheap, and because it's hard to oust me with all of the reaction cards and blockers. PS: The day after the tournament my girlfriend and I flew from Pittsburgh to New Orleans for vacation. Six days later Trent Rezner (of Nine Inch Nails) was on our flight back to Pittsburgh. I wanted to give him a copy of Majesty with the Nine Inch Nails quote on it. Unfortunately all I had on me were Cam. edition Majesties (from the cool prize support from the Pittsburgh tourney) with the bible quote. So, no Majesty for Trent.
Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 8, Max: 16, Avg: 3.00)
1  Franciscus      aus          1,  Caitiff
1  Brazil          aus          2,  Malkavian
1  Dieter Kleist   aus          2,  Toreador
1  Regilio         aus obf      3,  Nosferatu
1  Dan Murdock     aus obf      3,  Caitiff
1  Isabel de Leon  AUS          3,  Toreador
1  Zoe             AUS cel obf  3,  Malkavian
1  Dollface        aus obf      3,  Malkavian
1  Dorian Strack   AUS cel      4,  Toreador
1  Aleph           AUS dom      4,  Malkavian
1  Remilliard      AUS pre      4,  Toreador Antitribu
1  Idalia          AUS dem      4,  Malkavian Antitribu
Library: (90 cards)
Master (15 cards)
1  Barrens, The
1  Club Zombie
2  Effective Management
1  Fame
1  Humanitas
2  Information Highway
1  Pentex Subversion
1  Powerbase: Mexico City
1  Powerbase: Montreal
1  Society of Leopold
2  Sudden Reversal
1  Tribute to the Master
Action (7 cards)
2  Arson
2  Atonement
3  Revelations
Reaction (51 cards)
7  Eagle's Sight
5  Enhanced Senses
7  Forced Awakening
3  Melange
4  My Enemy's Enemy
4  Precognition
4  Spirit's Touch
3  Telepathic Counter
8  Telepathic Misdirection
6  Wake with Evening's Freshness
Combat (11 cards)
2  Concealed Weapon
1  Disguised Weapon
4  Fake Out
4  Read Intentions
Equipment (6 cards)
2  Ivory Bow
4  Sniper Rifle
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