Deck Name:Can I wear this Jacket?
Created By:Jay Kristoff
Description:On Saturday 2/16/02 Mark Loughman, V:EKN Prince of Newark Ohio hosted Storyline Newark. Twenty players participated, and I won it. I stole the chump Justicar idea from Matt Heslin, who stole it from Ben Peal. I had a goal of screwing with the World of Darkness in this Storyline format. I understand that the Gangrel have left the Camarilla in the clan novels. I like that my weenie Gangrel not only were Camarilla, but they elected a Justicar and then did wacky Justicar stuff. Thanks to Mr. Heslin for deck pointers and to Mr. Loughman for holding the event (and for allowing me to use Archon Investigation on his Lazverinus, Thrall of Lambach in the final). Can I wear this Jacket? Jay
Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 10, Max: 19, Avg: 3.50)
1  Vliam Andor          ani          2,  Gangrel
1  Giuliano Vincenzi    for          2,  Gangrel
1  Ricki Van Demsi      for pro      3,  Gangrel
1  Panagos Levidis      ani obf      3,  Gangrel
1  Anastasia Grey       ani pro      3,  Gangrel
2  Chandler Hungerford  PRO          3,  Gangrel
1  Ramona               for pro      4,  Gangrel
1  Roman Alexander      ani for pro  4,  Gangrel
1  Raven                ani FOR PRO  5,  Gangrel
1  Camille Devereux     ani FOR PRO  5,  Gangrel
1  Mirembe Kabbada      ani PRO SER  5,  Gangrel
Library: (90 cards)
Master (30 cards)
2  Archon Investigation
1  Backways
1  Barrens, The
1  Coven, The
2  Ecoterrorists
1  Effective Management
1  Elder Library
1  Golconda: Inner Peace
1  Information Highway
3  Parthenon, The
5  Protean
2  Slave Auction
1  Storage Annex
1  Succubus Club
2  Sudden Reversal
4  Temptation of Greater Power
1  Zoo Hunting Ground
Action (8 cards)
4  Embrace, The
4  Sanguine Instruction
Action Modifier (12 cards)
9  Cryptic Rider
3  Earth Control
Political Action (27 cards)
1  Ancient Influence
1  Meddling of Semsith
6  Consanguineous Boon
1  Disputed Territory
1  Domain Challenge
2  Dramatic Upheaval
9  Gangrel Justicar
1  Justicar Retribution
1  Kindred Segregation
1  Parity Shift
1  Praxis Seizure: Glasgow
2  Rumors of Gehenna
Combat (10 cards)
5  Earth Meld
5  Form of Mist
Combo (3 cards)
3  Rapid Change
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